I found a heading syntax I like for lightweight markup.

There are three forms i know of:

  1. Leading marker, which is repeated for smaller heading levels
  2. rST style, freely choose between underline characters for each level
  3. Predetermined character for underlines

2 makes copy-pasting between documents hard. 3 requires memorizing more syntax (and 2 devolves into 3 on any large writing project). And 1…

I don’t like Markdown headings. Smaller heading levels have more visually prominent markings, and the actual content of headings is indented which is very rarely how headings are presented.

Recently I came up with a heading syntax I actually like, though I don’t know how others will find it:

My blog post #

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Introduction ##

Oh god, how much dummy text do I need to write?

Yes, it’s just the Markdown style flipped around. Having hashes at the end of headings feels very natural to me after reading so many docs pages which use # for heading anchors. We still have the “big markings for small headings” issue. It doesn’t bother me as much when the marker is at the end of a line, but I’d still like to find a solution.