HTMX Doodles

Hypertext Man!

On HTMX (see transcript)


Server-Side App

  • Full-page reloads
  • HTML only has GET and POST methods
  • …and only link clicks & form submissions

Single-Page App

  • Reinvent the accessible web
  • Need big frameworks or complex code
  • Probably need a server anyway for SSR
  • The client is untrueted

Progressively Enhanced App

  • Tight coupling between server & client code
  • Behavior is scattered


  • Completing HTML with arbitrary events, replacing fragments instead of the whole page
  • Your code runs on the server, which you trust
  • htmx allows for locality of behavior

Consult your doctor to find out if htmx is right for you. Side effects may include arguing about REST on HN.

2040 (See transcript)


The year is 2040.

htmx is a W3C recommendation and _hyperscript is an ECMA standard. War has long ceased, API churn is nought but a distant memory.